Data Dashboard

Is your organization’s data presented visually and kept up to date? Does you use it to influence decision making? Do you need a practical tool to help you see and act on all of your data from one central location?

This package offers an online control panel displaying your live, continuously-updating data as a tool for active management or data presentation. As a dynamic and visual tool, a data dashboard keeps the data in front of you to constantly inform your actions.


Two-hour consultation and a data dashboard ready to be deployed on your server

We can set up a virtual server to host the dashboard for approximately $15/month. Additional costs may apply for other hosting options.

Price: Starting from $1200


Interested in these interactive displays? Contact us!

Interactive Web Map

Does your work impact people far and wide? Visualizing the extent of your work on a map is a powerful way to raise donor support!

With this package, you will receive an interactive map incorporating up to 3 data layers for display on your webpage showing the data about your organization’s reach, project locations and target area.


Two-hour consultation and one interactive map ready to be deployed on your server

Price: $800

Interested in other data presentation projects? We are a full-service agency, able to create both static and interactive maps, graphs, charts and infographics. Check out our list of services or contact us for a quote!


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