Tribal Lands

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Tribal Demographic Surveys                      

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Good governance is based on a government’s understanding of the people it governs. Governments across the world trust demographic surveys to give them the information they need.

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Design a full or sample-based survey: Know your people and assess their needs. Create more informed policy. Better target allocation of tribal resources and funding. Challenge U.S. Census Data (under the NAHASDA statute) to potentially increase tribal funding.

Land Use and Natural Resource Mapping

Land Use Map Seattle

Without accessible information showing where resources are located and how land is used, it is extremely difficult to efficiently plan development projects or to responsibly manage limited tribal natural resources.

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Classify land parcels by use to coordinate land leasing and development, and better inventory and track precious natural resources. Document your capacity and eligibility to take control of leasing trust lands under the Hearth Act.

Photo Credit: City of Seattle

Housing, Infrastructure and Community Resource Mapping

Native people on reservations, often more than other populations across the US, face challenges of overcrowding, housing shortages and resource scarcity.

Tribal communities must first locate, inventory and evaluate their existing housing, utilities and community resources in order to plan for future development. Developing such an inventory as well as method of evaluation will also allow tribes to maximize vital existing programs in safety, health, education,housing, etc.

Let us help you:

Use maps to locate essential community assets and infrastructure. Visualize spatial patterns and target interventions.

Emergency Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation                            


Effective emergency preparedness and disaster response is fundamentally about reducing risk and maximizing ability to recover. Both of these require an inventory of all people and resources, as well as potential risks. Data modeling can plan out the best possible responses.

Let us help you:

Collect and use data to protect your people from catastrophic loss.

Program Data Integration                      

integ-flowCollected data loses its value when it is isolated by department and not accessible for use by other programs for comprehensive tribal decision-making.

Let us help you:

Combine all programs’ data sets into one data warehouse to be kept continually up to date and readily available for use in program management and tribal governance.

Federal Data and Grant Allocation Analysis

ihbgDashTribes receive vital funding from the US government. Unfortunately the formulas used to allocate funding may be overly complex and lack transparency. It is essential to understand why your tribe gets the amount of funding that it does. That knowledge strengthens the tribe’s negotiating position with respect to current allocations and to future changes in funding allocation formulas.

Let us help you:

Grasp the essential components of federal data sources and funding formulas. Be empowered to argue for more equitable distributions of funding.

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