Big Water Consulting is a data, analytics and mapping firm offering a wide variety of data services. We tackle everything from small on-the-ground data collection projects to the design and management of an entire mapping and census project.

Our List of Services include Data Consulting, Completing the Data Cycle, GIS Mapping and Analysis and Capacity Building.

Data Consulting

As consultants, we specialize in helping you understand how using data and data mapping could produce greater visibility, accountability and efficiency.

Big Water will help you answer such questions as:

Where should we start with data?

How should we measure success?

How could data help guide internal decision-making?

How can we make our data more accessible and influential?

How could we use data to improve our grant proposals?

…and many more!

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Data Consultation

Data Services: Data Consultation




Completing the Data Cycle (Identify, Collect, Analyze, Present, Act)

At Big Water, we see the process of gathering and using data as a continuous cycle. After you have identified your data needs, targeted data collection leads to analysis in order to discover insights and takeaways. Then, a presentation of the data enables you to share what you learned with others. Finally, taking action based on the data is the last, vital step. We will walk you through every step of that cycle, helping you turn your data into a dynamic engine for growth and change.

Big Water will help you:

Collect Data—by designing anything from a small questionnaire to a major mixed-methods survey, using rigorous methodology and the most appropriate software and technology to answer your questions.

Analyze Data—by identifying and reporting statistical patterns, anomalies and outliers within the data to determine the story it tells and how that story impacts your organization.

Present Data—by creating maps, infographics, charts and interactive displays to allow you to better understand and visually explore the data and more easily communicate your findings to decision-makers and supporters.

Act on Data—by providing you with sophisticated guidance and consultation to use your data as a tool to strengthen decision-making and affect change on local, state, federal, tribal and international levels.

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Relevant Starter Packages

Questionnaire Design

Data Services: questionnaire design



GIS Mapping and Analysis

With more than 20 years combined experience in geospatial technology, Big Water staff are passionate about the power of maps to enhance data visualization and reveal unexpected relationships within the data that may influence program management.

Big Water will provide you with:

Static or Interactive Maps—to demonstrate impact, illustrate reach or demarcate resources and service areas. These maps could be printed or embedded into a website for promotional purposes or inserted into reports to augment analysis.

For some examples of our mapping capabilities, visit our GIS and Sample Infographics Showcase

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Interactive Data Dashboards and Maps

data services: dashboard map





Capacity Building

We at Big Water stress the importance of long-lasting solutions, not quick fixes. We believe the best way to develop these solutions is through capacity-building.

Big Water will provide you with:

Training in Every Stage of the Data Cycle—from how to use open-source data collection software to how to incorporate data into the way your managers and board members make decisions.

A Guide to Open Data and Software Resources—from research into data sources that meet your particular need to identification of and training on open-source tools that will make your job easier.

Network and Partnership Building in both the Nonprofit and Tribal Spheres—from connecting you with numerous experts and organizations within our networks to promoting information exchange.

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Training Sessions

data services: training

Dedicated Services for Tribes

Big Water was founded for the purpose of promoting tribal data collection and utilization to build capacity and support tribal self-determination. We believe that the ownership, and effective use of, information about tribal populations will allow tribes to more easily make informed decisions in governance and program management.

If you are a tribe or tribal entity, Big Water would be honored to work with you. See our Dedicated Services for Tribes

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