Northwest Indian College

Northwest Indian College of Bellingham, WA provides quality higher education to Native students in the Pacific Northwest. Big Water is collaborating with NWIC to offer student internships and join forces in a STEM summer camp for native students.


North 40 Productions

North 40 Productions of Wenatchee, WA produces high quality documentary and other video products and worked with Big Water Consulting on the Dakota Pilot Project documentary.


Oglala College & Sinte Gleska University

Both Oglala Sioux College and Sinte Gleska University operate in South Dakota, working tirelessly to give native youth an education and college experience that validates and reflects their students’ cultural identities.


Wind Environmental Services, LLC

Wind Environmental Services, LLC of Bonne Terre, MO provides GIS training, licensing and product sales services and trained housing staff in introductory ArcGIS for the Dakota Pilot Project.



United Native American Housing Association (UNAHA), provides information to member tribal housing entities related to training, legislation, resources, and other issues effecting Indian housing.

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